Johan Isacsson

Swedish National Team Coach 

Age: 55

Nationality: Swedish

Passport: Swedish

CEV profile

1992-1993 Lidingö SK, Player and coach, second place in the Swedish championship.

1997-1998 Floby VK Sweden, Player and coach

1998-1999 Floby VK, Coach of both men and women elite div.

1999-2000 Floby VK, Coach of both men and women elite div.

2000-2001 Holte IF Denmark, men team, second place in Danish championship

2001-2002 Holte IF, Denmark, second place in championship

2002-2003 Holte IF, Denmark, Cup winner and second place in championship

2003-2004 Sollentuna VK, Coach of both men and women, second in the championship

2004-2005 Sollentuna VK, Coach of both men and women

2005-2006 Sollentuna Vk, Coach of women team, 4 th place

2006-2007 Sollentuna VK, Coach of women team 1 st place in Swedish championship, second in the Cup.

2007-2008 Iraklis Volleyball Club,, 1 st place in the Greek championship.

2008-2009 Having coaching clinics for clubs(both women and men) and for the Swedish volleyball sport school

2009-2010 Aquacare Halen 6th place, mens team Belgium

2010-2011 Aquacare Halen 5th place,CEV cup-ticket

2011-2012 Soleco Herh de Stadt 6th place Belgium

2012-2013 Soleco Herk de Stadt 7th place, mens team

2013-2014 Lindesberg Volley 3:ed place, women team

2014-2015 Lindesberg Volley 3:ed place, 2:nd in the Cup

2015-08-26 until 2015-22-11, 3 months in Greece club Orestiada A1, They realeased me the 22/11 after not paying 

2016-2017 Linkoping Sweden Champion

2017-2018 Bergische Volleys Bundesliga Germany

1997-1999 Swedish national team,, Universiade in Spain

2001-2003 Danish national team,, Universiade in China, 4 th place

2005-2008 Swedish national team, Head coach, European qualifications, Universiade in Thailand 2007, Olympic qualification in Portugal 2007

2009  Swedish national team, Head coach, World championship in Latvia(2-4/1 2009)  2 nd place(Sweden-Latvia 3-2), 40 days national team program starting 28/4-15/7, 15 days training in may in Sweden,3 Friendly matches against Switserland 1-7/6, 4 Friendly matches against Australia 15-22/6, Universiade in Zagreb 28/6-12/7, 2010 European qualification in Holland and Macedonia. 2011 Universiade in China 2012 European qualification in Ukrain and Slovenia. Last 7 years I give 60 days of training in spring and summer for the Swedish nationell team.

2013 in May Word Championship qualification in Halmstad(Sweden) 2nd place after Greece,

2013 in Sept.Word Championship qualification 2;nd round in Holland 5th place.

2014 in May European qualification 1st round 2nd place in Macedonia. Now 2nd round in Denmark and Belarus. :nd round 2nd place in Belarus. Now 2015 3rd round against  Estonia, winner goes to European Championship in Italy 2015.Estonia went to the playoff.

2016 European qualification

2017 World Championship qualification in May and European league June

1985-1989 Economics, Stockholm University Sweden.

1998-1999 Sport Elite Volleyball coach education, Mentor Dr Lorne Sawula, Falköping Sweden.

2006-2008   Swedish Elitesport coach education, Olympic center Bosön Stockholm.

2009-2015   attending clinics every year in Volleyball and power training.

List of qualifications as a player:

1980-1989  Lidingö SK, 1986 winning the Swedish championship and 4 times second place.

1989-1990  Hamburg SV, 4 th place in European cup in Parma

1990-1991  Racing Club de France

1991-1992  Vendelsö Volley Sweden, Player and coach

1992-1993  Lidingö SK, Player and coach, second place in the Swedish championship.

1993-1994  Fenerbache SK, Istanbul

1994-1995  Fenerbache SK,

1995-1996  Enka SK, Istanbul

1997-1998  Floby VK Sweden, Player and coach

1986-1996 Swedish nationalteam, 300 matches

1986 Japan Cup

1987 European championship in Belgium, 4 th place

1989 European championship in Sweden, 2 nd place

1990 World championship in Brazil

1991 European championship in Germany  

1993  European championship in Finland                                                      

1994 World championship in Greece

1995  European qualification

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