Together we will build a sustainable career in pro volleyball.

We represent and guide athletes through the ups, but also through every issue their career faces them with. The athletes we represent have a true understanding of the opportunity they have while we build them a solid foundation for their athletic career and their future.

Working with PRO leagues all around the world

Why work with us?

We are our own standard. We raise the bar when it comes to volleyball representation and continue to follow our own set of rules.

Open and clear follow up

You get transparent and consistent information on possibilities and club feedback all wrapped in a clear action plan. No fluff.

Responsible decision making

The highest contract offer can be the best option, but that's not always the case. We are here to help you make the best long term decisions.

Your career path

No crazy assumptions. Together we'll assess your current level of play and agree on next steps appropriate to your own objectives and our knowledge of the market.

Full financial transparency

We explain you from A to Z how your salary, taxes, benefits and more will be handled. No surprises. Not now nor in the future.

365 days, 16/7 availability

Yes, we could have said 24/7, but we like our sleep. Any issue, any moment, we are there to help out.

...and more

Nobody should be able to convince you that issues will never occur. But our reactiveness and legal partners are able to handle them.

It's going like this


As a pro player I want to hear real talk and be represented by somebody who is experienced and fast on their feet to solve any issue that I have. For me those are the 2 most important factors and non negotiables. 289 SPORTS is mastering the both of them.

Twan Wiltenburg
Middle blocker
Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland

Trust is the keyword here. A player needs to be able to trust their agent for the full 100%, unfortunately trust has become a rare thing in pro sports. Marta and Matias are doing an exceptional job, working hard with full integrity. Their only agenda is helping their athletes out.

Nicola Giolito
Assistant coach
Italian Men National Team

From assessing my possibilities, their solid interaction with the clubs, explaining me every detail, being clear and fast in their communication...Working with Marta and Matias is super smooth, the representation everybody should wish they had.

Silke Van Avermaet
Middle blocker
Mulhouse, France

Our Core Values

These are the principles we go by on a day-to-day basis. That symbol should look like 2 DNA strands, we know you were wondering. :-)

Matching Potential

We started 289SPORTS to be the agency that we wish we had.

We are 2 former pro volleyball players. Grateful to have had full length careers packed with a broad set of experiences while learning the in's and out's of pro sports along the way.

We also saw and experienced what NOT was working in the world of volleyball and in player representation in specific. That's why we're here.

Our Team

Matias Raymaekers

Matias works on club and coaches outreach on a global scale. Assessing and proposing how our athletes can fit the clubs criteria. Another important pillar is the contact with and availability to our athletes.

Both of these are a year round exercise being amped up during the transfer window.

Matias had a 14 year long pro career and played for some of Europe’s top teams. He had a 5 season stretch in the Italian league and a 2 season stint in Russia after finishing his pro career in Germany and his home country of Belgium.

Marta Szczygielska

Marta has a specific network in the Eastern European countries, which is an important territory with ever growing interest in pro volleyball.

Legal assistance, outreach and financial conformity is her third, but the most fundamental task for 289SPORTS

Marta literally grew up in volleyball, signing her first pro contract at 16 years of age. She was a member of the Belgian national team for 14 straight years and played for club teams in Italy, Poland and Belgium.

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