289 SPORTS represents athletes and guides them through every issue their career faces. We are our own standard. The athletes we represent have a true understanding of the opportunity they have and know they are building a foundation for their future. Together we strive to build a fulfulling career in pro sports.

“We are aiming higher”


Sports representation means trusting each other...and then some.

We combine 30+ years of professional volleyball experience, we are close to the game, it’s athletes, it’s coaches and the management and decision makers of Europe’s top teams. Following up the national and international competitions is what we do year round. A lot of interaction with coaches is key for our way of working. We want to know how they work, what is important to them, how they evaluate players, what they can bring to the table to the career of the athlete.

A career gets made when it is exposed to the right input, pressure and environment. It’s important for all parties that the current and potential future skills of the athlete fit in with the needs of the team. We consider this the backbone of our agency. Matching goals is crucial for development. 1 + 1 = 3. We are not and don’t want to be a mere job hunter in professional volleyball. It is 289’s task to draw the roadmap and guide volleyball talents through their career.

We want to work with athletes that understand the opportunity they posses to have a sustainable pro career in sports. Season after season we help to make the best decisions for their career. We stimulate self-ownership. We believe in athletes that can make important decisions, while we are the foundation they lean on when making them. Ownership of your own career pays dividends in your next step in life.

We know that a career isn’t only uphill. The road can be bumpy, unclear even. We are on-call for our athletes, not only during the ‘transfer window’ but every day of the year.

The big one, what we say is what we do is what we say…there is only one way to play this game. We limit the amount of players that we work with. This benefits all parties. Yes, we don’t believe that ‘athlete based’ representation is a business model with unlimited growth…in volleyball. Why is that? Feel free to contact us and ask.

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